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via designblok

Why we design i guess has as individual answers as varied as drops of water that dance the transporting windows of trains or flights. To pleases or provokes the sense?, from priceless treasure finds to fast mass design. Object formed in a way that make us feel good, put a smile on the face? seducing?
How much can a design effect our mood? In essence, how much does design reflect personalities, cities, cultures thoughts, desires, needs or times? How much is to little or to much? How many tones are between black and white? or blue hues? Ways lightning changes surroundings.. Where between sunshine and the screaming neon? How does the way a city is puzzled out impact, limit or give us choices and freedoms? Quality of life? Looping or some other word popping up in the mind that might be put by u here ….. When it comes to dream-reality, how much do our inner thoughts set motorways for how we end up designing our lives? Why does seriousness come from? What would happen if humans would  jump and dance more ferquentli ? Which design contributes to a collective happiness? a collective smile? more icebreakers? more natural flows with clumsy states?crash sit on a waterfall….? Does anything makes sense? should it?