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I dont know, once in the while the brain gets a extra muscle working in there and all suddenly all feels brighter and wider…today is one of them, just singing in the cold…

I think were all fighting with something, and yeah in the arts we get it out on, but i know were a diffierent little funki generation, i think were building a whole new way of thinking, couse we´re the connected strange ones, were fighting against it, couse it wasn´t there befote, we dont want the globalizad and comercializad, we want local and underground, yet attracted to the other side…it´s all strange …my Google reader iz busting with information overload, my rocky Joint downstairs is playing Diamond ear rounds in overfilled sig smoke, yet cant forget that short essay wrote about the 1984 book back in high school where the influence of van daniken books and science and Carnegie books made a spaghetti in my head combined with space cowboys and multi roots..and paralell inner worlds combined with different realities and languages…there was something about the impotance of filtering
balancing like acrobats all that input, …dreamreality …new working ways, not giving up on thems, and combinig them to daily bread and so on….
I guess the future of all has some collobarative magic to it, that stuff that blues and glues us all together, listnig to great blips and taking that last sig befote hitting bed…and Imaginig all that other stuff to come…good nights and liveli mornings…