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hello ya worlds

so guess after dancin to nirvana and a lot of 50´s and all that great music i got out some enrgy! huh?¿ there are just songs that transport u teleport u, make u weak, make u strang, make u rockin at this secret spot that, where they dont get cheap on the music, is on of the few spots in my world where u know that once ur in, u wont cume out until it closes, sweaty and junked on the music high! think its just soo amazing when they manage to play the best of the best every single time! met pl living their whole lives in this cty and wowed couse its their first time, seen curious ppl that have shy tendencies, letting their hair loose and letting and hitting the podium and twisting the crowd, lovers unite, ppl flow together, crazy guys with lost llooks, people that sparkle …it´s just a place, but its filled with life and feelings! meet the tarifa kiting crew, that was lovely , since the guys reminded me of the funky time had over there! dont really know why post soo much, specially when trying to quit, guess need get some thoughts down in the virual space…blogging is a psycology in itself….so got a black hat today, new sneakers,buzzed threw the machina a black velvet skirt and hit the town, bithsday parties and sushis, and hiiting off to to sougals going away partyette! fuck im gonna miss that girl wondering of till late february, sharing vibes and dicoveries and secrets!! gonnna misss u sooo much! u the best!!! gonna feel hella lonelly without u here!just as gone neighbours! shite! wanna go to tenerife in january and play with boards!! so have this roof with strange an hut, sounds like birds hiding out and man they do opera at this time of day! guess their havin an after up there! huh?¿ tomorow, today is gonna be many sleeps!ahha! was thinkin, guess its curiocity that keeps us restless…as ong as a curious soul guess we will live on.. hhhaaha! long live curiocity!