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had a weird week, feelt tired and closed to crashdown, everything is weird, guess sometimes to much of the unexpected and a lack of time can freak u out, but guess it all got solutioned, positive attitude and energy! decided to take time of and was relaxing and playing with the computer all yesterday, playing with some some feelings! guess going to spend a few hours doing that now to…got an amazing cristmas present from my mum that looking fwd to with all my body and soul! going to the alps!! yeahpiii!!!cant wait no more!!!
making glogwine(traditional cristmas drink from norway, with raisins and almonsds!) a digital festival in barcelona (resfest) this weekend with tractor from scandinavia as an invite…but think im staying in this weekend! bought many candles and getting into a cristmas spirit! sohope and a big na zdrowie!!