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friday jazz


feel need more sleep couse my mind going bananas over more sleeping-processing time!ended up processing over a beer with ana and came to the conclusion that many funny people out there in this world, and going back to the theory of chaos! and the beauty of everyday suprize makes it al worth while! 😉
ps: take a look at the organic lines the beer espuma makes next time u take a beer! met this film director, that after one beer was also selling nordic jewlery and doing tarrots! tried to figure out things about this profesion, but didn´t quite get there! came to the conclusoin with ana that isted of nowing more about yourself in the magical ways of these arts, were going to enjoy it more discovering who we are day by day!in the end thats the beauty of everyday life!in the end everyday changes our memory and parts of our mind, the beautiful theory of chaos!

jazz in ferlandina and beers at oddland