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freestyling in head instead of hitting the bed

06:00 friday morning, on way home from outs…and cat het rhyming in my head…all my thoughts on the way try to find their mutating words that dance togetha…hmmm..trying not to post…so guess gonna post and erase untill make up the mind..

searching for a rhyme
whch still cannot find
walkin the streets and hearing the beats
when leaving the friends
the thought groove begins
at dawn or at night
depending the flght
searching for the beat
that wansts to move the feet
strange energies find
and knowing some fine
i search for the ryhm
dilated ppl toing some mind wiggling..
wondering if the honesty
could make some equality
i wonder along
with stars as my show
and thinc of the pictures residing my mind
if mmistaces were done to ease out the mind
i know what i know
and sometimes wont let i show
and guess that the find
is to find a positive mind
that knows the alikes
and not judging the side
knows where the path is
at the moment and sharies curiocities
i rime in the languages i know or i feel
without making understanding
a really big deal..
i know what i feel and the feeling of that
and like too question the surface of it
i like when it flows
and when the spirit shows
the smile made from influences…
thats as far as me goes..
i would like to hear a beat
to accopaniate my fleet
guess guess need to wait
until thed stars give me a strraight
not knowing the future
forgetting the past..
and all have is moments
resolving the vast
is there such a word that just got in my head
or an imaginary alpha not knowing it speach..
i know that the rythm is lost but not disspaerd
couse things dont die out the just transform in the head
im doing this freestyle, why? i dont know
jsut felt like letting it out andmaiking it flow..
i wish i had something that would give me a sign
but if i would see them would i let the spirit fly?
sometimes its the paths, the knowledge or thoughts
that limitt our action of where though should go
reapiting in head the midsommer dream
is the reality what we make it ,
or a hole on the seam?
i wish to belive that what wish one will get
and that the mind can make it just that!