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flow dance

lying in bed and floating in the braino, whiskeycola and cervesas floating in the system …nicotinezed too much again..just gulped in some cheese and some micro food witch burned out my tongue! ]]]]….. and doing the watering ritual 😉 kinda swifting.. dont have my lenses on so a little blurry all home before eight..

ysterday was hauling my computer and stuff from a friends house after work,notices how much bagages hurt and slows me down…gonna try to do some alphaing bout things i know.. all these questions have lately …are driving me kokkoo..lookin for the equiiliibriuuuum –anyways got my mac back! going light!

up in our krib later on with the girls … with the cut chemist “the garden” (think its one of the best songs ever made…its like the essence of the mix kids, the global life and all, a mix between ddrums, brazilian, indian, sctrath, chillout and all.. just amazing transitions.. just gets u hooked! ) in the background of our brawling and grawling ..

dancing in th streets, dancing in the clubs, dancing on the beach.. ..moon was smiling, afterhours and new faces at beach..great too hang out and dance with rikke and the crewette , its like when you get in the groove with someone on a dancefloor,and get eachothers flow, it just soo good! its like the supaahh connection…and do all those style changes.. theres just something in the whole dancing flow…style hopping, hip hoppin, where u feel the beating of the heart…its like every style has its language, just goin into the flowing…dancing memories…

neeed wateeeer …..blup blub blub…changed the fishtank water before..not a good idea when not soo fast in the brain..but managed..digging out the fishes with the soop spooooon…wanna be a flying fish today,,those that have the long tail and side fluffs! yeah!…

ill be back..