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fjordlandia crib luxury sceenerio flips

Beeing home can be the greatest luxury, seeing everyting from another point .. soothes down all system and is the greatest hideout.. catching some breath and reebooting all and refrosting after all turnes upside down. mind can go danger zoning when everything gets flipped and all value system, justice, logic, inner core makes nou sense, in someway the whole balance of the inner world gets hitten by eathquakes and gets very difficult to focus or see anything clear..

taking a chill and waking up in the nordic homey crib , seeing the sun shine threw windows, ms funki mums musik floating speakers, fresh orange juice and bubbles for breakfest, stash of new boks, mags, freshly iron silk sheets…does something guddoo…

…. passing by new streets of dutchland and a new famili home on the way over to have to hugg on little bro and studentcrib!! thnxfullnessss for that :::!!! learning how to balance flames, and sincronizing and crossing them with the kiddo felt like great challange u are graaande….