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dreams, thoughts and the alpha

alsways dreamt of designing…and redesigning the world, especilly forming the rough edges into round ones, didnt like all the spikes, (although i wear a big spiked ring for protection..) wanted it all to flow and be more organic..more natural,..get the rush of when it all comes to the stage, and when the things are out there for the public..but the real drirve is the the whole process of it that makes it the whole inbetween.. from a thought, impuls, visual, vibe, the exteterior elements u get, the stuff around me that triggers those thoughts..what u put into it…the good vibe when u get it right, the energy when u hit a bummer and need to solveit in another way..the rubric cube u need to put together in your own way..the industry kan be a bitch, or a friend, depends on how u see it..and what u put in there..
and what ur belifs are..what u want to transmit..think we are within a part of time and space where there is big inbalace created by globalization and consumption, and honestly what i read in some of the papers drives me crazy and i get scared where we are heading, but then again i belive in the souls that have evolved to change this world we live in to a better place..couse aslong as we have imagination and dreams…to visualize it differently..i belive it can have a good couse and effect..

“not always will u get, what you ask for, but never will u get what u do not ask for….” franklyn broude

trying to figure out a list of 101 wishes, dreams, things I wish for in this life..