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chaotic slamming

inside head..head hurts! crazy night tried out brain needs waterfalls.. mmmmmm concert! fly fly fly! but overflew it **
instruments, photo session binstruments.. nice crew, hope for slowing down to a more quiet life? dream thinkin bout this wekkend in cph¿? oslo 2 days + stavanger or direct early home go?¿? hmm..bazoooka! should get serious..blahhh…italinano napolitano..athens – corleone- comanche- 3 return of the ghostbusters – think will rest another in fifferent lifetime? yes! maybe..this one no? to much to live..want january tenerife visit soulgal! and sunboard, febr orgnize montainboeard..summer cocolandia, kharmalandia or thailandia, huh?¿? wish most! half day at dressed in morning early and fall asleep on the couch! hehe..ny backs, meatpack, spice market thai, barrios, ahhhhhhh…stories and tuning in the channel../yeap, my mind in chaoslandia deserts today…yes and found a little diamond ysterday on a floor..hehe if havent lost it yet..

yesterday- hop hop

today – desert

Sting feat. Cheb Mami – Desert Rose (Original)