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caraboo´s at j´ms house all week! (my mac ) want write when get home already! get my mails! have all these sheets of paper with thoughts going on lately…just need time and my digital caraboo to plasmate them down…..loads of stuff happening .. signs. situiations …and many thoughts and sensation ..senses are awake….going to rome for first time soon, with siri ladette.. noplans allowed!..just enjoy the city, no schedual to keep, just check out away

its rainig and at work still , just ran down to the bar to get a tea..disconnecting…connecting…
soulgal told me on sunday that we moving toword what we feel rather than see., that girl has amazing quotes written down.!dig our talkses!

flying away on evolution…laws of movement and gravitations, motion, island universes, stars, einstein, chances, supernova seekers, exchange. the sun, pecularity, new forms, new essence, the little stuff that make such a difference..cepheus-stellar heartbeats,

standard candles, smallest parts and their influence.. im going bananas here..veeery good! okay so need to get that body home, read my book by mr bryson.. see what more can squeeze in that heart of mind..

fill in later..
monday teraase creative sessions tricky black butterflies and stone hearts
tuesday sergio analitical reason vs dario intuitive conversation
s, thought sctratching, the doorkeeper