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buss manifiesta

whenever i take the buss here in norway, I always try to sit in the back, the reason is i have the widscreen view of the bus, and a great panorama over the landscape, asweel as it`s more private and consists of 5 seats, insted of phive;), but have also realized that lately it´s become a challenge! ´couse the buss drivers are going ghettostyle(ruff riders), they are gettin more agressive and the whole journey from the 1st seat to the last seat becomes a struggle..
maybe it`s becouse added to the ghetto drivin, i jump on.. right by a big swing in the road! anyways i keep on getting hit in side chairs, and the final lowered sealing in the back! its tough out their!
bussdrivin`isn`t what it was before!

lately im kinda lucky though..have these 2new neighbour guys at the busstop behind our house. They take another bus, one with a funny danish dialect… anyways as a try desperetly to put my shoes and clothes in intense run for the buss, they keep track if my buss hasn´t passed by or not as a morning hello! and if we have time we chat a little…sometimes the busses never comes, i mean for real! one time i waited 2 hours in the rain on a sunday (without music!) sometimes they cum but they don`t go the way u want them to..hehe…even if the nr on the buss is correct!!! nr9 specificly..

enyways.. i overslept my work buss today so guess got a little melanholic 😉