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a little time to write breathe..right in this moment..siting on a terasse and getting sunhugs…with amy winehouse song and random playlist in the background…when the sun hits the atoms it gives it energy, and they move faster..the sun is such a essential part of my existance…raised in a beautiful but cloudy land of fjords…and miss (oh man….just met the handymen…gonna help me with a thing…and run right back , my couch wont open up anymore..)——-
(they need to cum back tommorow to fix the couch…off over 100 sofas apearently this is the first one to break, …think thats weird, well maybe start a new trend..the sofa breaker…it breakes after 6months, i mean yeah we´ve had visitors, but cummon!..well..will be better tomorow…glued together by the fixing man..) ……so…yeah ..was writing by the weather…

//ysterday glimt.. ..siri´s bday, cava and sunflowers! and got to hang with stine wich is back from cph for a week..muakkka luvs…nasty mondays….got mugged yesterday 2nd time in a week!! not able to rob me though, get busted! ..after not beeing robbed for over 4 years thats strange,,.the nr, lovely msg..had like the notes, words about wanted to write bout in the mobile! started to do that the last 3 days…..grrrrrr…jaaaaiks.grump..*¿?…well will try to write my thoughts down on my hand or something, couse just losse them if write them on paper…conversations…tatoos..butterflies or selbu star? white , black or brown..henna tests…white pigment…..okay jumpin a little here…think the wather effects us amazingly….oki going back-..//

…raised in a beautiful but cloudy land of fjords…had a extreeme need for sunshine, had the luck to get out a lot couse of my travel about loving ms mum…and thought it was soo hard to when got back…(grr no batteries in 9 min…) rememer bought myself these orange glasses…and tryied to get happy music and keep positive…here in bcn the sun shines many times..okay its starting to rain…?¿?¿huh¿?¿ what the¿? okay weired…have the setting sun in front of me..and drops of rain..from these greyish clouds behnd me!!! maybe a rainbow will apear??¿?would be great!!! this planet is bananas…….imagine houses in rainy coutries with window walls in orange…think could cheer ppl up…but then would need orange glasses when get out..if not would be a bummer…saw a planet with the naked eye on saturaday…babling till morning with rikke bout that have to beliving in own thoughts, goingy own little ways,…lonely sometimes , rewarding at others.. minute left … belive in the wings…no keys home…rikke went to a shop… watching the sky ——

went for a walk with rikke…was good…live beside this whole castle, old part area nowadays by the parks…(last time was there on my little bro birhsday…with a bottle of cava and portable stereo and sunsets).. this time found this small streets we explored .. and we found this small area that just looked it stopped in time was a hundred years, the lightining was so back in time like..(.siri is vakuming , ppl talkin, cars driving…..getting pillows trwon in my face…my mind is going crazy….! sorry there) maybe i should be a munk?¿?…atleast for a day…sooo tempting…maybe earplugs could be an option?!?..) hummm mmm mmmm……so it was very is sooo important,…it just changes everything..then we passed by caixa forum…and it was open…so went for some expos… .another world…one was with these gigantic photographies of spaces,..without any ppl, just spaces, like a old palace room, arabesque mosqe, theatres, consert stages, dinner halls….and it was like standin in front these different spaces…and started imagening things….in that ambient…was fun and realaxing, but got kinda dizzy in the end.. then one bout euphoria..”happy families” hmmm, kinda graphical…would like it in a mag…but love the thoughts of the guy…and it was just the opening, maybe that made it weird.. but dint really get it visually..the there was one bout colors with videos for each color , and then u had the headfones to litsn to, always loved the grey palette with vibrant basics but top attraction now are black, silver, white and brown…wanna go back again…
rikke is leaving tomorow 🙁

indian coco food place and bought a book of enigmas of humanity.. pics and articles bout atlantis and bigfoot ancient technology, aura, unicorns, yogis, dragons and seamonsters, telepathy and loads of fun stuff…looking fwd to page threw it….just want to stay in bed for a week! not move, many pillows, books, drawing paper, pencils, water with bubbles, caramel tea, open windows, sunlight, and a just hang in…yeah! would be goood…