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autum chills

rememberin doing the theory of chaos collection, and playin with the feeling of the grey contrasted with the bright basic colorpalette!l liked that contrast! they colors got the best out of eachother! felt grey was the order, and the brights symbolized the chaos and life…..once a teacher wanted me to die the collction all grey…color it all in greytones…but refusedm have many times gone against the established and nurturing own belifs..

sometimes feel i need to fly away…find some time for myself, do some soulsearchin..find my belifes …take a look on the dreams, and dream up new ones…what should be changed..
find the new colors .. discover a new force, the evolution of the self..thinkin maybe going to visit my friend rikke for a month in trondheim,norwaylanda …one month soon..just to see it all threw some fresh vibes!

everybody has their own ways…sometimes i count 2 seconds before i leav the door of my house,,,just to se the changing impact.. i would in these 2 seconds now that i would miss or value from the new time changed…like walking in paralleled time, noticing what i would see..and what you actually see
in that second…

there is always something i wannaredesign in this world…sometimes even if its only inside of ones head, just dreaming away. some of those dreams are maybe not for realization…some of them I just have something to bealive in..somettthing i kan keep in my heart..
and its like when stay there, they have a couse and effect.., and the whole system gets infuenced …reflects it…couse the unconcius mind is creating opportunities from some of these thoughts to be out there..become reality..its like a big mind game puzzle. even if you cant puzzle the whole picture together, the pieces already exist..if they fit? well..sometimes not..sometimes yeah , but they always mutate, change.. but these can create small images, maybe abtract..and u get a litlle piece of the puzzle.

As long as the mind is a thinking one..there is life! playing with the thought of trying to find anything in the universe that is absolutly static, unmoveble, without any kind of movement.. and asking ppl if they knew one….havent found it ..every little second creates some kind of movement, havent discovered anythang completly static…

took some minutes of, windy and cold today…this chilly autum feelin..r…2 yasmine flowers fell down at my table,from a builing maybe..was kinda weird, great smell…no flower trees above though.. all while flippin threw a book bout a kind of emptiness of the soul…hmmm..

met up with friends of rikke that just came..and drank a little wino before hittin home without a key..again..
think the city has a this amazin energy, people just get totaly clumsy, i dont know, maybe its in my head,,,but the urban visual sceenery is rich on flavors! colored dogs..cristmas ties hangin on walls during summer, the pople livin in nthe streets, the tinman taking a coffy in a bar, a chef massaging a customer, and the expressions of the poeple noticing it! nothing like walkin threw the center and havin some good music to create some mental videos…

and got a pic of a dragonfly that got stuck in the buildin, they are kinda funky..they just have their own weird little style…and they have these metalic wings! this kinda in silk steel thing over them..