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Live 11 from KORB on Vimeo.

I think my mind is on a buzz of some sort,..only 2 coffies and a hot chokolate today, sooouu, why? i dooouuunt know!! maybe there’s some energy storms in space ?Iam  just rotating spaces and forms in the air, and I was sooo looking fwd to sleep early and rest after stepp+ing up all activities lately…but noo..why sleep? oh whyyy?? so i hang in bed and my mind goes painting a painting inside the skull..ok? with some raindeer juping into cubical twisted perspectives? whatz up? then these interiors for a gallery swoosj insides and change area and places…then a webconcept..and strange freestyle sessions classes ideas…then i took of in my mindspace.. made a heart sculpture and started animating it with crystal semi transperant spikes, and somhow melting cream and behind pieces oncardboard..made some funky name puzzles for idea have with a friend and imagined the photography around it, and got a buzz on flat holograms in mobile gadgets..  somehow tried to re-think  a piramid of many triangles all in white, or recaptured that strange thing landing i dreamt yesterday in a fog… i don´t know…i really need to sleep in order to continue that new day, i don´t like milk,so that wont´t help.. maybe if i heat up the room, maybe i would just buzz out somehow… now what? sleepless but yes, atleat got some of it down.. ARLABHOLOLOK game concept? yahh? what about minuture movie between the keybords letters? i should be really thinking bout those funky bags now…a video where different splashes of water get abstract sounds? what if nature would swap sounds for 4minutes? butterflies talking waterdroplet sounds? maybe i shoud eat something? i really don´t understand why i just don´t zoom off in pillow, and if i see myself in the mirror manana, will there be any brain activity there? or will i be a walking zombie for half a day? okay…my eyedlids got a litlle heavier…finally..ok try again…