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class of 78 by serialcut

i woke up with the word “eloquent” in my head and and a smell melancholy  from a street in new jersey! whatzz up?

There´s something funky viewing works like serialcut, it has this augmented reality feel, kinda real, but not really, i saw surrogates the other day…anyways these works just looks like someone really enjoyed themselves in the process…and they all look like delicious eye candy and they gravitize …so what is creative inspiration? here is two views on the case;

“Funny how the mind works. The visions that come in like a flood, the blocks that temporarily immobilize, the defeats that send us back to the proverbial drawing board, the triumphs of fitting the pieces of the puzzle together, the satisfaction that comes with knowing something is right. The mind lurches, stalls, sprints, strolls, stifles, flows. We so often ask “What do you think?” while neglecting to ask the more interesting question, “How do you think?”” me more

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