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why a space odyssey? from stefan hvostik on Vimeo.

Near Sighted from Renaud Duval on Vimeo.

2001 space odisea is charming the plasma with its amazing photography shots!!!! While i´m overlapping on mac and connecting to networks and investigating on new places,and in nearsight visulas found this visual gravity jewel by Renaud Duval. The exitment of 2010 lurks in my system, its like 200o was a inclination towords something newer and unknown, but 2010 just seems ready for open minded xange, don´t know but just have this good feel about this one, and damn it sounds so futuristic and so close! <3 and i just got an acient clock on a chain…never liked watches, but really wanted a one like this…it has a swosjiii tik tak sound, and stops if i don´t twist the knob