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pics of belin artwork at montana gallery

How much mind elasticity does each person have? How much mind flexing does one do? And does the elasticity change from person to person? Flexicity, elasticity, stretching own limits to new heights, how much are we willing to stretch? What makes us stretch to new outer limits? How does the stretching change the individual? a society? thee Culture? A global mind state? How often do we flex out to new heights, how much time to we repeat within old boundaries? When we flex out, do we re-bounce back to our old state? Or do we expand the elastic bubble cape? How do the memories print in on this flex xyz axis? What makes us want to change to new extremes? Limited situations? Reaching out for the new grooves? Mind doing freestyles…

how much stretching is enough? or  to little? can we stretch so that it breaks? Or un-stretch and shrink?

Reflexing on the flexing

Bounce to space

by pablo vazquezz

computer generated stretching

Brandon Morse: Procedural animation