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1.01.2010 10:10 move


snapped from blackandwhite

is´t funny but this year when look back have a feel it more back on the 10 years, the era beginusus of the new millenia, i have a good feel in this one, and have been looking fwd to it, was actually the first time wanted to hang at home just to be ready and fresh but ended stirring it all around … strange and funni places and faces scenarios jumps and everything mashed up… i like it already a lot, i missed the 3..2…1…but guess my clumsiness still flolows me into this one, and there was a full moon!! i kinda feel lucky …it like we are from the future…its just feels fresh.. a courageous and challanging year to anyone who reads this! and a eyehug! + ps, i have updated the banner incase one reads this threw reader or rss feeds

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